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Why is it important to have a business with a mission?

Kalin Klasanov – Rocket food

Kalin is a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in the organic food business in Bulgaria. Starting almost 16 years ago with the family owned stone bakery and stone mill, Kalin has been part of the management of one of Bulgaria’s most iconic vegetarian restaurants and co-created Roobar, the most successful Bulgarian organic, vegan snacking company. Today, the spotlight is on Rocket Food, Kalin’s new venture. It’s not a solo mission. Friendship, business opportunity and a culinary determination are its starting point. Rocket Food offers a quick, high quality, grab and go vegan meal alternatives. As you would expect from his experience the bar is set high again, all products are vegan, gluten free, no nasties.

The Kitchen: Kalin tell us how it all started and why you choose to focus on organic over conventional?

Kalin Klasanov: It came to me quite naturally during my travels and living abroad. I realised that food is essential for our wellbeing and started paying attention to what I was eating. The turning point was back in 2000, when I was in NY. I was living on hamburgers when I realised that something doesn’t feel right. Slowly, but surely, I started changing my habits and educate myself. Currently, I just believe that is the best we can do.

TK: Rocket Food looks like a natural step up, what’s better?

KK: I have been creating and working with food all these years but yes, Rocket Food is definitely a step up. It encompasses much more than just snacks, it’s an actual meal. It is a category of products made to support busy people in their everyday quest for more free time. From my point of view, we take the people’s food and transform it in a high quality, clean, user-friendly. We use the best ingredients, selected with care and work with professional chef who creates our recipes from scratch. It feels and tastes like a home-cooked meal, but it saves your precious time.

TK: What do you think the current/future consumers look for in a product, taste wise and look wise?

KK: I believe consumers are looking for bigger variety in food and of course fun and catchy design. Today’s clients are much more educated and they are seeking local and authentic tastes. As a result they receive much more from the food – essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

TK: Can you share some of the global trends in the food industry?

KK: There is a major spotlight on plant-based food, (Note: In fact this is one of the largest growing categories in the past few years). As I already said, people pay more attention on the origin and also require better and more authentic produce. They want diversity and variety even in the common goods, potatoes, legumes and more.

Protein and getting enough of it is another huge trend. I don’t want to go in much detail, but we might be eating a lot more bugs and larvae in the future.

TK: What are your 3 unwritten rules for developing a successful business?

KK: Never give up!

Change is the only constant! One should be flexible and able to face the change and positively work with it.

You need to have a goal, a mission, something that is bigger than you and matters. This is the best motivation!

Thank you Kalin! We wish you plenty of success on this space mission.

Check out Rocket Food’s Instagram page here https://www.instagram.com/rocketfood


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