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Design and the other essentials of “The Kitchen”

In “The Kitchen”, we try to offer a full service, meaning we won’t just dispatch your finished design files and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. It may sounds clichéd but we do work on all projects as if they are our own. A great result doesn’t equate only a good design. It involves an overall process and strategy that includes various experts with different skills. We work hard to create great, functional designs but we understand we are not super humans. This is why we prefer to collaborate with a team of other professionals who do their job as well as we do our own. Tried and tested by us, so you don’t have to!

Without further ado, here are The Kitchen’s essentials.


Not all our clients are aware of the big picture, and neither do they need to be. It is okay not to have everything figured out; it is also okay to collaborate with other professionals to build up from on your initial idea.

Concept is your action plan. It is a broad umbrella of ideas, to help you understand and present your product or service better. It also includes an in-depth understanding of your end user.

A good concept is usually simple, straightforward and logical. It defines challenges, proposes concrete ways to tackle them and considers the possible outcomes. Some popular ways to work on developing a concept are meetings, questionnaires, brainstorming sessions, etc.


NEVER SKIP RESEARCH! It is key to your process and design.

First, it helps identify your competitors, the good practices, or the gaps in the market.

Second, it helps you position yourself right within your niche. There is nothing worse than, for instance, trying to look premium and falling on the cheap end of the spectrum.

Third, research is important for everyone involved in the process (both clients and designers) so they can get a better understanding of the specifics of the product/service. It bears repetition: it is okay not to know everything. What is NOT okay is to dismiss research.


As self-explanatory as it sounds, design is not just the pretty make-up. It is a systematic process with inherent logic, based on concept and research. It serves a specific purpose and functionality.  It draws the eye, provokes emotional response, communicates, creates desire, helps you realise certain needs. The right design helps attract the right audience.


How many of you have received the perfect design only to have it ruined at the next stage: printing? Through trial and error, we have established strong relationships with trustworthy printing houses so you do not have your design ruined. We also help you pick the right papers and the most appropriate technology to save time and get the best results. We can even manage this entire stage of the project for you and let you focus on what you are good at.


Two pairs of eyes are better than one, so even when you are confident about the end result it is best to double check. Quality check in printing means physically going to the printing house before rolling out your big run and making sure you get the colours that you want. Being meticulous about things means that yes, we sometimes spend up to eight hours there.


Ideally, after we offer you your shiny, new, attractive product you will want to share it with the world. It is good to remember that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Count on us to help you with the most appealing photographic images.


The importance of social media presentation cannot be overstated. It gives you popularity; it helps you expand your audience and communicate directly to it. You can test concepts, launch products, introduce games, and increase engagement. In recent years, social media has been the most successful business tool for sales, no matter of the size of your business. We can help you develop a strong social media presence  every step of the way.


A website is another must! It gives you credibility and it is another platform for presentation. It is an informational tool too, and it is only a click away from your client.


Advertising to a specific target group with measurable outcomes sounds like a dream. Digital advertising provides all of that. The number of people actively using the Internet to find information, buy, or browse is increasing all the time. Everyone is on board now. Here are some reasons why you might want to hop on too:

  • Traditional advertising usually has a limit of 15 to 20 seconds. You see it, hear it and then it disappears. Digital on the other hand is one click away. Anyone interested can quickly learn more and act accordingly. The user is closer to the product.
  • Google searches give you a great insight about your audience’s desires. You can use it to its full effect and promote accordingly.
  • Measurable outcomes are key. Digital marketing gives you the money in results/engagement conversion. You can choose a very specific target and get your message across.

Hi there! This is The Kitchen's journal of ups and downs lefts and rights.